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  • Is PelagoNation safe for children?
    Yes, PelagoNation prioritizes the safety and well-being of its members. It employs strict security measures and moderation to ensure a safe online environment. Additionally, all interactions are monitored, and inappropriate behavior is swiftly addressed. Please read our Guide pages and we encourage all parents and guardians to be apart of their children's membership.
  • What kind of activities can children participate in on PelagoNation?
    Children on PelagoNation can engage in a wide range of activities, including crafting their virtual islands, participating in collaborative projects, attending workshops, playing educational games, joining virtual events and challenges, completing certification courses based on charitable causes, and more.
  • Can parents be involved in PelagoNation?
    Yes, PelagoNation encourages parental involvement and provides opportunities for parents to engage with their children's activities. Parents can monitor their child's progress, participate in events, and collaborate with other parents and educators. During our discover month, which happens every 4 months, the last session is a presentation of the islands progress so far. We invite family, friends, teachers to join in. Ludus our gaming island also offers weekly/monthly quiz/game sessions for families to compete in.
  • Are there opportunities for children to showcase their talents on PelagoNation?
    Absolutely! PelagoNation provides various platforms for children to showcase their creative talents, whether through virtual exhibitions, talent shows, storytelling sessions, or collaborative art projects. It encourages self-expression and celebrates the unique abilities of each member. Hozho will host yearly live online award shows and highlight certain islands throughout each month. Members also are awarded badges for displaying keen interest or skill in various topics.
  • Can children interact with each other on PelagoNation?
    Yes, children can interact with each other through chat features, collaborative projects, and virtual events. PelagoNation fosters a supportive and inclusive community where members can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and make friends with peers from around the world. Programs like PelagoMate and PelagoWander promote a community of collaboration. This is a big part of what we are about.
  • What age group is PelagoNation suitable for?
    PelagoNation is designed for children aged 8 to 15, although we invite 8+. The platform caters to various interests and skill levels, providing activities suitable for different age groups.
  • Can children earn certifications or badges on PelagoNation?
    Yes, PelagoNation offers certification courses and achievement badges in various subjects and hobbies. Children can complete courses, participate in projects, and demonstrate their skills to earn recognition and rewards. Our Fantasy Island Programs monthly badges to members. Members will be able to follow and become other members based on badges. We also have a loyalty program for certain plan types.
  • How does PelagoNation support learning and education?
    PelagoNation integrates educational content into its programs, promoting learning across various subjects, including science, geography, and social studies. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration through interactive activities and projects. We support many Unesco SDGs, core subjects, soft skills and hard skills. Our main focus is allowing members to have a platform to freely express their imaginations in a collaborative team, build a sustainable community, and discover global culture.
  • How can I get a refund?
    It is possible to cancel a plan at anytime. PelagoNation will return the remaining amount of paid sessions minus a 10% processing fee.
  • How long are the programs?
    All of PelagoNation's programs run continuously. The main program, Fantasy Island, runs in segments of 4 months. However it never ends.
  • How does PelagoNation ensure online safety for its members?
    PelagoNation employs advanced security measures and moderation tools to ensure a safe and secure online environment for its members. It monitors user interactions, filters inappropriate content, and provides resources and support for parents and educators to promote online safety. We have strict sign up and private groups. During online sessions all video must be on as well. We have a 0 tolerance rules which can be found on each group page and our code of conduct page.
  • How does PelagoNation promote environmental awareness and sustainability?
    PelagoNation incorporates environmental themes and sustainability practices into its programs and activities, educating children about the importance of conservation and ecological stewardship. Through interactive projects and educational content, it instills a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness in its members. Elusen our charity island runs certification courses for members to learn more about helping people, animals, and nature. We also support many Unesco: Sustainable Development Goals.
  • How does PelagoNation work?
    PelagoNation operates as an online platform where children can access different islands, each offering unique programs and experiences. They can participate in activities, interact with other members, and contribute to collaborative projects. Sessions take place on Google Meets once a week for one hour with an Ambassador or two at times. Island information is added to Google Docs and Google Slides.
  • What programs are available on PelagoNation?
    PelagoNation offers a range of programs, including the Fantasy Island Program, where children create and develop their virtual islands, art programs, game programs, and certification courses focused on topics such as environmental conservation and community service.
  • How can I get started with PelagoNation?
    To join PelagoNation, simply visit the website and create an account. Once registered, you will get a confirmation code after approval. Members can then join our main islands. To sign up with a membership plan it is a similar process but once purchased the member will be added to their private region group and the main islands.
  • How to form an island team with friends?
    Sign up on our booking page with the region and fleet according to your timezone. Fill out the form and add names of friends you would like to be with.
  • Are there membership fees for PelagoNation?
    PelagoNation offers different membership plans, While basic access to the main islands is free once sign up is approved.
  • What is PelagoNation's mission?
    PelagoNation aims to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and promote cultural exchange through its innovative programs and platforms.
  • What is PelagoNation?
    PelagoNation is a virtual world where children aged 8+ can explore, create, and collaborate in a safe and educational environment. It offers various programs and activities designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and social skills.
  • Is PelagoNation involved in any charitable initiatives or partnerships?
    Yes, PelagoNation is committed to giving back to the community and regularly partners with charitable organizations, sponsors events, and supports worthy causes aligned with its mission and values.
  • How are the virtual islands created on PelagoNation?
    The virtual islands on PelagoNation are created through the Fantasy Island Program, where children use Google Docs and Slides to design and customize their virtual islands. We add all information to Docs and images to Slides. We encourage members to produce art for the islands but we also have artists who will produce images during the discovery months for the islands. Each member of an island can produce an image using the information they provide us. This all will be used during presentations. After just one 4 month segment of the Fantasy Island Program, members will have lots of creative information and images to show.
  • What sets PelagoNation apart from other organizations?
    PelagoNation stands out for its unique blend of creativity, community, and cultural immersion, offering diverse programs tailored to members' interests and passions.
  • Are the programs suitable for non-native English speakers?
    Absolutely! PelagoNation welcomes members from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and accessible to children with varying levels of English proficiency. While English is the primary language used in our platform and sessions, we provide support and guidance to ensure that all members can fully participate and benefit from the experience. Additionally, some regions within PelagoNation offer programs in other languages such as Spanish and German, providing opportunities for multilingual learning and cultural exchange.
  • Can educators integrate PelagoNation into classroom activities?
    Yes, educators can incorporate PelagoNation into classroom lessons and activities to enhance student engagement and learning. Any organization that is interested can contact us and we can collaborate.
  • How can schools and educators benefit from PelagoNation?
    Schools and educators can utilize PelagoNation as a supplemental educational tool to enhance classroom learning. It offers resources, lesson plans, and collaborative projects aligned with curriculum standards, promoting engagement and skill development. We can modify most of our programs to work in an array of educational systems.


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