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Code of Conduct

Welcome to Pelagonation's website! Our online community is a space for creativity, learning, and collaboration. To ensure a positive and safe environment, we have established the following Code of Conduct for all users who use our website and participate during Google Meets sessions.


1. Respect Others:

-Treat fellow members with kindness, respect, and empathy. Avoid using offensive language, bullying, or engaging in any form of discrimination.

2. Keep it Safe:

-Do not share personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, or last names. Pelagonation values your privacy and safety.

3. Be Creative and Positive:

-Encourage creativity and positivity within the community. Share your ideas, art, and thoughts constructively. Celebrate the diverse talents of our members.

4. No Harmful Content:

-Refrain from sharing or promoting any content that may be considered harmful, inappropriate, or violates Pelagonation's values. This includes explicit language, violence, or content that may be distressing for others.

5. Parental Guidance:


-For users under 13 years old, ensure that your parents or guardians are aware of your participation on the website. We do not and will not knowingly collect information from any unsupervised child under the age of 13.

6. Respect Intellectual Property:

-Only share content that you have created or have the right to share. Respect the intellectual property rights of others.

7. Report Inappropriate Content:

-If you encounter any content that violates this Code of Conduct, report it to Pelagonation immediately. Together, we can maintain a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.

8. Parental Involvement:

-Parents and guardians are encouraged to engage with their children's online activities. Monitor your child's interactions and guide them in navigating the website.

9. Follow Website Policies:

- Adhere to Pelagonation's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These policies outline the rules and guidelines for using the website.

10. Have Fun and Learn:

- Pelagonation's website is designed for fun, learning, and exploration. Enjoy the creative process, make new friends, and immerse yourself in the fantastical world of Pelagonation!

By using Pelagonation's website, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. Let's work together to create a positive and imaginative online community!

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